Long Term Courses

Long Term Courses

Long-Term Course

20 lessons (each 45 minutes) per week. This is the ideal option for all those who are planning for a longer stay in Italy. This 24 week course provides a great opportunity not just to learn the languages but also get to know the land and its people. Many of our long-term students finish this course with the accredited AIL "Firenze" Exam - an intensive language program at a reduced price!
A perfect way to enjoy you study at the Italian Language School and to learn the Italian Culture.


  • Starting dates: every 2 weeks
  • Duration: minimum duration 6 months
  • Lessons: 4 per day. 20 per week
  • Class size: minimum 3, maximum 12 participants in each class
  • Course prices: please click here
  • Course dates please click here
  • Course schedule: please click here


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