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Italian For Seniors Course

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Course No. Number
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Participants Euro*
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2 V 221 40 + visits and excursions 3 - 760
Short description and Notes This course is specifically designed for more mature students over the age of 50. Students will learn italian in a pleasent and relaxing enviroment, accompanied by a wide variety of cultural activities.

Morning Program:
the morning course of Standard Italian Language is designed to improve language and conversational skills, and heighten the awarness and appreciation of Italian culture

Afternoon Program:

  • Orientational tour of the city and introduction to the Liberty Architecture period with visits to the "Promenade Regina Margherita" and the "Gran Cafe";
  • Melodrama: Introduction to Puccini's Operas, with live auditing (Giardini Sonori);
  • Cooking class with typical Mediterranean dinner;
  • Afternoon excursion to Torre del Lago with visit to Puccini's house and museum;
  • Wine tasting guided by expert sommeliers: Tuscan reds paired with regional Italian cheeses and bread;
  • Seminar on "gelati italiani"(Italian Ice Cream);
  • Weekend day trip to Florence.
Course starting dates 2020

01 Jun - 12 Jun | 07 Sep - 18 Sep

  • 4 lessons of group language course per day; 20 lessons per week.
  • Visits and excursions on the afternoons.
  • One full day excursion during the weekend.
  • If there is only one participant, she/he will be placed in an Intensive PLUS-5 course. All organized school activities are free of charge for this participant.


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