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"Firenze" Diploma Examination Courses

Exam Preparation Course Duration
in weeks
Course No. Number
of Lessons
Participants Euro*
min. max.
All levels See below 4 V 311 120 2 12 1.385
Dates for all examination courses 2018 04 June - 29 June
03 Septmember - 28 September
Short description and Notes
  • Preparation courses for the following exams and levels according to the "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - CEF":
    DELI-A2 - elementary
    DILI-B1 - intermediate 
    DILC-B1 - int. business 
    DILS/DILI-B" Intermediate level two 
    DALI-C1 - advanced 
    DALC-C1 - ad. business
  • 80 lessons of standard language course and 40 lessons of examination preparation; total 120 lessons in 4 weeks.
  • Minimum 2 participants; if there should be only one participant in a preparatory course/level, she/he will be placed in an Intensive Plus-5 course.
  • Examination fees included in the course price.
  • Recognized as “Bildungsurlaub”.
  • Please ask for the special information brochure for the AIL-exams «Firenze»


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