LÆr italiensk ved kysten, i Toskana

Officielt godkendt af det italienske uddannelsesministerium

Studér italiensk i Italien, hvor det tales

Den italienske sprogskole "Giacomo Puccini Centre" tilbyder italienske sprog- og kulturkurser med henblik på at lære italiensk i Viareggio, en af Toskana's smukkeste strande.

Lær italiensk samtidig med du lærer om den italienske kultur

Deltag på en af vores italienske sprog-programmer her i Viareggio, Toskana, Italien! Vi tilbyder en bred vifte af forskellige italienske sprog-programmer fra vores populære standard sprogkursus til individuel undervisning og vores Italienske Diplom kurser (AIL Eksamen og CILS eksamen). Mennesker fra hele verden kommer her for at lære det italienske sprog og for at studere den italienske kultur og måde at leve på. Klimaet er fortræffeligt. Vi befinder os lige midt i Tuscan Versilia, et af de mest spændende og interessante italienske kystområder. Viareggio ligger tæt på Pisa, Lucca, Firenze og Carrara.

For flere informationer, kontakt os på: infopack@centropuccini.it

(Kun engelsk eller italiensk!) Italienske sprogkurser i Italien i Toskana, Viareggio.


Generelle betingelse

  • 1. Minimum alder for deltagelse: 16 år.
  • 2. Kurset skal startes på de angivne datoer.
  • 3. Der er INGEN refundering for forsinket start eller for tidlig afgang.
  • 4. Betaling:
Skal om muligt foretages 30 dage før kursus start. Ved senere indskrivelse skal betaling erlægges straks.
4.2 Ved bekræftelse skal resterende beløb betales inden 30 dage før påbegyndelse af kurset. Ved senere indskrivning skal beløbet erlægges straks.
4.3 Betaling skal ske ved international postanvisning ved check til Centro Culturale Giacomo Puccini, Via Vespucci, 173, I-55049 Viareggio (Italien).
4.4 Vedlæg venligst en kopi af kvitering for betaling.

5. Afbestilling:
5.1 Kurset kan kun afbestilles ved skriftligt brev eller telegram til skolens kontor.
5.2 Hvis der afbestilles inden 30 dage før kursus start, refunderer skolen hele beløbet eksklusiv depositum.
5.3 Hvis afbestilling foretages op til 15 dage før kursus start, vil 50% af beløbet blive fratrukket.
5.4 Senere afbestillinger giver ikke ret til refundering.

6. Studerende er ikke forsikret mod sygdom, ulykker (undtagen Sejl Kursus), tyveri eller ved forsvinden af personlige ejendele. Vi anbefaler derfor at man forsikrer sig privat.

7. Skolen har ret til at ændrer program og priser.

Hvad siger de gæster



From: Gokhan
Posted: March 29, 2004
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Country: Turkey  
Comments: Hello to everybody,
I newly started studying italiano, so need to have a corresponder from
anywhere of the world. Please contact me via my e_mail.
Here in Istanbul, I am an industrial engineer and 35 years old, male.
Maybe next year we can have a tour for Italy to make both our foreign
languages better, and have more fun.
bye bye.

From: Poul Jakobsen
Posted: March 28, 2004
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Country: Denmark  
Comments: Well, I thought I could write you in Italien, but let my try my
English before I forget it.
I found your homepage by an accident, and I was pleased to see your photos
from Viareggio where I stayed for more than 3 years. It's way back in time
and years, but in that specific year 1958, we educated your scandinavians
in the Colombo Collegium. When I write "we", I must underline, that I
did'nt take part in the seminars, I was a young student in the mysteries
of marble and granite.
When I returned to Denmark I got married, got kids and we spent every year
our vacasion on the beautiful beaches at Viareggio.
Still I have a lot of my old friends on the phone, on the screen here and
it is a wonderful feeling still being able to speek the beautiful language.
Therefore I'll close my letter saying
stai mi bene, non ci vedremo - ma pero, non si sa mai"
tante belle cose, ciao,

From: Pamela
Posted: March 25, 2004
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Country: South Africa  
Comments: My Husband was born in Viareggio .If only we had known this course wasavailable before our children could have spoken perfect Italian,but it is
never too late.Hope to see you October 2004

Ezio e Pamela.

From: Charles Melfi
Posted: March 24, 2004
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Country: Unites States

Comments: I am considering attending Centro Puccini and would be
interested in hearing from any one in the U.S. who attended there, or who
may be going this year. I live in California where the weather is similar
to Italy.

From: Priscilla
Posted: September 02, 2003
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Country: Netherlands  
Comments: Dear All at Centro Puccini, I just want to let you know that I had a great time this year! See you next year.

From: Stewart Brodie
Posted: July 19, 2003
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Country: Scotland, UK

Comments: Hello! I have recently been to viareggio for a holiday for two
weeks and i wish i was still there! It's the greatest place on earth. The
women were beautiful, the sun was shining, lovely beach, great hotel, and
the best food i have ever tasted! I must go back soon.

From: Mirjam
Posted: May 12, 2003
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Country: Netherlands

Comments: Hello everyone! I'm going to viareggio in june and I was
wondering who else is going... I'd like to have contact with other people
who are also going to learn Italian this summer, so please leave a
message or email me!


Christl, Austria

I am Christl from Austria; I attended the school Giacomo Puccini in Viareggio the tenth time because I like everything. The teachers, the Secretariat, the surroundings, the sea, people. I was always happy


Lubos, Repubblica Ceca

The Giacomo Puccini school is situated in Viareggio, which is an amazing, living city full of culture, wonderful gastronomy, nice beaches, friendly and open locals and is also safe. Students are able to immerse themselves into the culture and become part of the city right from day one and experience the real Tuscany. The position of the school is predestined for exploring the amazing Tuscany, primarily with its jewels Florence, Pisa, Lucca, and Pietrasanta. The location of school is ideal for students who want to move around without having to use public transport and be within close range of all amenities. After my fifth stay I can frankly say that all host families and apartments are great and within a few minutes walk from the school as well. For those who enjoy more of social life I would recommend sharing an apartment with other students. Being a medium sized school, in which Giovanni - the owner and director - is directly involved, you will get a professional and personal service, treating each student as just a valuable guest - with amazing and friendly teachers making sure that all your needs are met - but soon you will feel like a member of big Italian family. The best for the end - apart of making my Italian better and better, every year I meet some amazing people from all over the world and even made my best friends here. And I know those who even found in Viareggio their ever lasting love... :)


Marja, Holland

Mi chiama Marja, sono Olandese , ho 58 anni.
Sono stata spesso a centro Puccini ed era sempre un piacere.
Le insegnante sono competente e carine. Ho imparato molto e allo stesso tempo ho avuto un bel periodo in Viareggio.
Mi piace anche la scuola se stessa, una vecchia casa, vicina alla Pineta . Durante la pausa  prendiamo un caffe con quasi tutti gli altri studenti alla pasticceria Puccinella. E davvero divertente e non mi ho sentito mai da sola.
Mi rallegro all' anno prossimo, per la dodicesimo volta!

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